Castle Frankenstein

    Location » Castle Frankenstein appears in 58 issues.

    A hilltop castle in Darmstadt, Germany where Frankenstein was brought to life.

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    Marvel Comics

    The original Castle Frankenstein was built on Magnet Mountain in Germany during the medieval times.

    One of the first masters of the castle was Arbogast Von Frankenstein - 10th Century - 948 A.D. - Sadistic knight slayer who may be the beginning of the Frankenstein curse. Later, Frank Von Frankenstein - 15th Century - 1440 A.D. - Teutonic Knight who attempted to convert Europe to his faith. Defeated and killed by Dracula in battle and impaled. First Frankenstein brutally murdered, a trend that continues to the early 16th Century.

    Then owned by Hans Von Frankenstein in the year 1531 A.D., Hans sacrificed a woman to the Scheusslischer Lindwurm, dragon of Magnet Mountain. His brother, Georg Von Frankenstein was killed by the Scheusslischer Lindwurm right after killing it and was anglicized St. George. A second dragon came later and again Hans tried to make a sacrifice and his cowardice again led to a woman's death. This made Hans insane with regret.

    By this time, the reputation of the family was tarnished and rumors of the Frankenstein curse spread far and wide. The castle was then sold to the state. Konrad Dippel was awarded the castle for the creation of low grade gold in the 18th Century (1732). This made Konrad the new Baron Von Frankenstein and continued the name. He was found dead, presumed poisoned and his family sold the cursed castle.

    The second castle Frankenstein was built in Switzerland, but the curse could not be so easily escaped. It was owned by Dippel's son Alphonse Frankenstein and then by his son Victor, creator of the monster of Frankenstein. The castle then passed hands to other ancestors through the 19th and 20th centuries.

    Ernst Frankenstein - brother of Victor

    Vincent Von Frankenstein - great grandson of Ernst, Mad Scientist

    Basil Frankenstein - son of Vincent , Mad Scientist

    Ludwig Frankenstein - son of Basil, Mad Scientist

    Victoria Von Frankenstein - daughter of Ludwig. Currently takes care of the Children of the Damned, previous failed experiments.


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