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Originally known as Princess Castaspella of Mysticor,  she naturally grew to assume the mantle of the Queen of Mysticorand. Often referred to as Casta by friends, Castaspella was once on friendly terms with the one known as Shadow Weaver, when she had gone under the title of Light Spinner. Both Castaspella and Shadow Weaver were mentored in the art of white magic under the same tutor, the great Etherian sorcerer Norwyn. Their friendship grew out from being in the same situation. 
Sometime later Hordak, leader of the Evil Horde, entered Etheria.  He approached Light Spinner with the promise of more power, in exchange for loyalty. Light Spinner agreed and was on the way to becoming Shadow Weaver.  Her betrayal set her on a path to Castapella, and they became bitter rivals. Shadow Weaver's betrayal had been a large blow to the members of the Great Rebellion, but even greater to Castaspella. Sue to their previous friendship, Castaspella is able to somewhat able to predict Shadow Weaver's actions, and use this to her advantage. 
Through flashbacks we are able to learn that at some point an evil enchantress by the name of Mortella was able to capture the position of Queen of Mysticor, robbing Castaspella of her rank and also leeching her of magical power. Using her own magic, Castaspella was transformed into an aged old, frail and haggard woman. Assisted by both She Ra and Bow, Castaspella was able to destroy the source of Mortella's power (a mystical burning fire) thus defeating Mortella. Castaspella was finally able to reclaim her kingdom, as well as her original and natural appearance. Quickly undoing the damage that Mortella had caused and returning Mysticor to it's original splendor .
Castaspella is a notable member of The Great Rebellion offering and contributing her high level of sorcery and powerful magic to their causes. Her status as Queen of Mysticor is also beneficial, as well as her complicated history and relationship with Shadow Weaver (Castaspella being one of the few her could match her in sorcery ability and power). Castaspella appears to have some authority over the area know as Blue Stone, but the details are vague & she is not the only royalty with connections to that land, so there may be not be any official authority beyond her own as Queen of Mysticor.


Castaspella is a powerful sorceress, who has an assortment of powers based on magic and sorcery, and uses both for various effects. She is often also referred to as a witch. We know from her training that she is proficient in the practice of white magic. Other uses and examples of her power, include teleportation, precognition, transformation, manipulation of magic and sorcery, as well as other all purpose spells. She has a great knowledge of all things relating to sorcery and also items and artifacts used for sorcery.  
She has gold armbands that can aid in the effectiveness of her abilities, chiefly uses as a concentration aid rather than empowering her specifically. Castaspella is often thought as, as the counter weapon to Shadow Weaver and her powerful darker mystic abilities and powers.

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