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Sanctuary Assassin:

Trained by Talon in the killing arts, the Elvin assassin Cassandra served Sanctuary loyalty for several years. Though she was briefly involved with Talon romantically, they split up after realizing they didn't love one another. True professionals, they both moved beyond the break-up, and Cassy eventually earned the position of regent lieutenant under Talon's command. Cassy killed only for her profession; murder-for-hire was the only way she could justify taking a life. Tall, quick, and powerful, she performed so well that The Judge, a renegade lawman aligned with Sanctuary, chose her as Lester's replacement for assassinations.

Cassy first met Lusiphur when he broke into Sanctuary's headquarters. The Pale Boys noticed that the woman's beauty greatly distracted their unwanted visitor, so they decided she would be the perfect entrance exam for Lusiphur. The two fought hand-to-hand, until Luse broke the rules and held a knife to her neck. She yielded. After the battle, the pair began exchanging gifts. Their flirtation continued, and after five fun weeks, they consummated their relationship. Cassy fell hard for Lusiphur, and she accepted him despite his character flaws and insecurities.

While on assignment for The Judge, Cassy fell Into a trap planned by the Blood Guard, a police task force dedicated to Sanctuary's destruction. After she killed her mark, the wizard Tenth (in league with police lieutenant Vido) stole her ability to teleport home, stranding her on the city streets. She evaded the police until a sole Elvin sergeant cornered her in an alleyway.   The officer, Jace San Lanargaith, considered Lusiphur an old friend, and had been searching for him. When questioned about Luse's whereabouts, Cassy fought back before slitting her own throat to protect her beloved. Cassy's dying thoughts were of Lusiphur. She has since appeared as an apparition In Lusiphur s dreams, often providing cryptic advice.

What Was To Be:

Cassy was to be resurrected and join Lusiphur’s team. However she and Luse were not to be brought back together as he was now with Lynn who he would eventually marry and settle down with.


"My name is Cassandra, and you get the pleasure of seeing my face because in five minutes, you'll be dead."

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