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Cassie Lathrop is an agent of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. When Wolverine was involved in one of her cases, Cassie started investigating the "mystery man". She followed him obsessively across the United States. Wolvine had a few-night-stand with her and left her sleeping one morning.

Major Story Arcs

The Brotherhood

While working undercover trying to nail,Tom Leeds, Cassie came in contact with a short hairy man who wouldn't give her his name. Later after the ATF took down Leeds, Cassie took some time off to track down this hairy man. It led to her being kidnapped by Cry and his brotherhood. Lucky for Cassie the hairy man showed up one night and freed her, then left her again.

Coyote Crossing

Cassie had given up on finding the Hairy Man, when news broke that he was in Texas, and was going by the name Logan. Cassie headed down to Texas and after meeting Nestor Garcia, waited for Logan to return. When he did he was not happy to see Cassie and was mean to her. Cassie decided to take a hint and when home to Oregon. Then one night Logan showed up on her doorstep cold and depressed.

Return of the Native

Logan leaves Cassie's house without an explanation.

And Then There Was War...

Cassie has became one of Seraph's Angels. One of their missions was to make sure Mr. Takenaka, head of the Yakuza, makes it back to Japan after his meeting with the Kingpin, the head of The Hand. Cassie is positioned in the park close by the meeting. Everything seems to be going okay until Boyd Buzzard and his brother Bufford Buzzard show up and start killing Takenaka's security. Cassie springs into action and quickly gets Takenaka and Kingpin out of the park. She gets them to a van just in time for Wolverine to catch up.

He wants an explanation, and Seraph show up to give him one. Cassie is clearly unhappy that Seraph is even talking to Wolverine but Seraph calms her back down. Cassie then leaves with Seraph, leaving Wolverine to wonder who truely wanted Takenaka protect or who wanted him dead on American soil.


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