Character » Casper appears in 1981 issues.

    He has been shunned by most ghost for refusing to scare and being friendly to others, but he has been known scare people when he needs to.

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    A comedic character, the majority of his comic book appearances have been lighter in nature. His stories are also as a result generally serialized in format (the stories are self contained within a single issue.)

    He attempted to kill himself, but to him being a ghost it failed. He has been killed (or comatose) by ghost hunter with magic bullets made by a witch. He was revived by his friend a bolt of lightning. He revived Casper by using his electricity.

    His uncle made him a ghost bike that was so scary that when he tried paint it the paint jump out the bike. His uncle than made him a ghost boat that it was so scary that water was afraid to make it wet. Third, ghost tank enough said. Finally he made ghost chair that can be invisible. Casper was finally satisfied with the chair.

    Girl friends

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      Wendy: (classic comic book version) met him when he rescued her from falling. They were considered interpretable (Casper and Spectrals) met him when he was trying to get away from her by being invisible. She was able to detect him.
    • Kat from the 1995 feature, Casper: first time she met him she fainted.

    Possible girl friends

    • Bo peep: She met Casper when he rescued her sheep from a wolf. She kissed Casper for saving them
    • Lou: a southern belle ghost. She is the first ghost and female he made friends with. She met him at a Halloween hoedown. She was talented at disguising herself to be human. She probably taught him how to blend in with humans.

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