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Caska begin life as simple peasant girl from the countryside of an unnamed location. She had parents that were down on luck and older siblings in their care. They did not object to a nobleman's offer to take Caska away to live a good life as his servant. Although Caska soon found out the nobleman wanted more than just servitude and attempted to run away. She was easily caught but quickly rescued by a mercenary appearing as a knight in shining armor, Griffith. This man gave Caska the opportunity to either save herself and submit to the nobleman's desires. She killed the man and wanted to travel by Griffth's side to become stronger.

Band of the Hawk

Caska leading members of the Band of the Hawk.
Caska leading members of the Band of the Hawk.

Caska become a loyal mercenary and right hand to Griffth the leader of the Band of the Hawk. She obeys Griffth without question for reasons she kept to herself for a long time. Caska is one of Hawks tasked to face Guts in a failed robbery attempt. She found the young man was no pushover and was nearly killed if not for Griffth's intervention once again where he defeated Guts in a few simple moves. Although Caska was loyal to Griffth she was strongly against his decision to make Guts their ally. She made this known on many occasions to follow. Caska ridicules and scolds Guts more than anyone else. She harps on the fact that he never obeys her orders and breaks ranks to fight the enemy alone. Caska is also one of the few to bare witness to the man known as Nosferatu Zodd. This man was able pummel Guts and Griffith the best of the Hawks. Griffith was badly injured and Caska put all the blame on Guts.

It is a while before Caska talks to Guts again. During a task of escorting the royal family during a hunting sport, Caska doesn't even want to look Guts' way. She turns her attention to Griffith who was chatting with the young Princess Charlotte. She is quickly at Griffith's side when he is shot by an arrow from an assassin. Griffith was protected by his Behelit, a lucky charm he always carries. Later on Caska is by herself and finds a ragged Guts. He is searching for Griffith. Caska stops him as Griffith was among nobles. She finds Guts was injured and surprisingly tends to him. A few days later everyone is preparing for another battle. Caska finds Princess Charlotte is fond of Griffith. This plays on Caska's mind. It didn't help that Caska was also on her period and coming down with a fever. During battle Caska was singled out by the enemy leader, Adon. He sought to make Caska his, and was making sport of her. Caska had a hard time focusing the entire fight but refused to submit. This is when Guts came to her aid. Guts made quick work of Adon. Caska was relieved and fainted due to her fever. Guts went for her and both fell over a waterfall.

Caska shares a kiss with Guts.
Caska shares a kiss with Guts.

Caska woke to find Guts had tended to her for several hours. The battle was long over and they were in enemy territory. Caska ended up revealing her past to Guts and her unrequited love for Griffith. This was the first time Guts didn't have any harsh or witty remarks to her sentimental speeches. This also led to Caska revealing her jealousy of Guts. She hated how Griffith risked his life for Guts time and time again. Eventually stirring up Caska's memory of when Griffith almost died fighting Nosferatu Zodd. This is all interrupted as mercenaries were closing in on the pair. Caska and Guts began to flee. Only 100 men had been gathered by Adon and surrounded them. Guts gave Caska the chance to escape. Various mercenaries attempted to snare Caska but Guts let himself take injuries to protect her.She left set to get help but 3 men pursued her. Caska was able to kill one but two others remained. This is when Judeau arrived with Pippin, Rickett and other members of the Hawks. Caska was frantic about Guts to surprise mainly Judeau. She returned to the scene at dawn to find a motionless Guts among 100 corpses. Caska's thoughts of Guts change drastically after seeing the way he truly fights for once. She remains beside Guts' side while he received medical attention. Judeau pulls Caska aside while Guts rested. Judeau let her know Griffith saw Guts and herself as two key members of the hawks. Caska felt relieved as she secretly felt Guts was taking her place which was the true source of her resentment towards him for 3 years. Judeau also gave Caska some special medicine to help Guts return to battle faster. She found Guts alone with his sword which was normal for him. Guts revealed a great deal of respect for anyone following their dream. Caska saw a side of Guts nobody else had seen since being forced into the group. Guts hints at plans to leave the group in due time as he felt he had no place.

War's End

Caska all dressed up for the ball.
Caska all dressed up for the ball.

Caska plays a pivotal part in the final battle. She rallies her men to siege Chuda Castle from the rear. It was an easy ploy since Griffith anticipated Governor Gennon would leave to greet him on the battlefield. Caska easily infiltrated the castle with the majority of the enemy at the forefront. Adon ends up surprising Caska and her men. He was left behind for screwing up so many times. Caska considered Adon more of an annoyance than a threat at this point. Unfortunately he wasn't alone and Adon's division had also been left behind to protect the castle. The last time Caska fought Adon was while she was effected by her period. This time the tables were turned by Caska. She fought Adon in her top form and brought the coward to his knees begging for mercy. Caska fell for the ruse and was struck by a poisonous arrow. She limits her offense to slow the course of poison in her body. Caska waits until Adon backs her to a corner where neither have much room to move. She catapults over the foe and decapitate him in her descent. At this point Griffith and Guts had taken out the governor and commander of the Chuda Army. Guts came immediately to Caska while recovering from her injuries. She felt distant from Griffith as he finally made an undeniable impact for the Wyndham Army. So Guts took Caska to Griffith.

Afterwards Caska the others returned to Wyndham Castle as heroes. She appeared for the first time in formal attire at a ball. Caska ends up spending most of the time with Guts. They both didn't care much for the social company of nobles unlike their comrades. Caska was concerned as Guts was still hinting at leaving especially with the war over. Then tragedy struck as Griffith had been poisoned shortly before being knighted as the White Hawk General. Caska was first to Griffith's side as he fell before the masses. Caska and others would be relieved to learn it was Griffith who poisoned himself. Everyone learn a secret group of nobles had been plotting on Griffith. Caska was kept in the dark as Griffith relied on Guts to handle all the dirty work. Soon Griffith is knighted and the Queen of Wyndham is buried as well. Caska would come to relax by herself later in the night. She then remembered Guts' plans and rushed from her room. Guts is found set to leave. Caska attempts to talk Guts into staying but he refuses to live in Griffith's dream. She hurries to find Griffith while Judeau and others found Guts as well. Caska was shocked in finding Griffith would rather kill Guts than let him leave his side. Caska tries to stop the pair to surprise everyone. She never opposed Griffith once since joining the hawks. She decided to let the fight commence with faith Guts would fall to Griffith like before and all would be as meant to be. Guts won and Griffith was left in shambles.

One Year Later

Time passes and Caska is now the leader of the hawks. Griffith was imprisoned by the king for sleeping with the princess. Caska and her men are now hunted by all of Midland. She plans to rescue Griffith from the Tower of Rebirth before leaving the country. Caska is concerned as Griffith's yells had ceased to be heard according to a spy. Judeau does his duty to reassure Caska as he always does that all will be okay. This time Caska wouldn't be consoled as she was tired and weary. It didn't help when a mass of bounty hunters ambushed Caska and the remaining hawks in the night. Caska ends up facing the Kushan Fighter known as Shilat who also encountered Guts earlier in the week. Shilat is extremely fast and easily defeats the exhausted Caska. Pippin and Judeau strove to reach Caska in her defeat. Guts intervened first to surprise all especially Caska. The enemies retreat in Guts arrival. Caska calls Guts away from the others to commence fighting him. She explains while fighting that Guts ruined it all. Caska blamed Guts for making Griffith weak.

Caska fighting off members of the Bakiraka, religious assassins.
Caska fighting off members of the Bakiraka, religious assassins.

She finally stops attacking when Guts lets her impale him. Guts explained his reasons but Caska was mentally exhausted from it all. She tried to let herself fall from a cliff but was saved once again by Guts. Caska realized while Griffith always went out of the way to aid Guts. Guts was constantly doing the same for her. She realized Guts was the one she wanted to be with and forgave Guts as they end up sleeping together. This is when Guts brings up a painful memory of his own of how he was raped by a man named Duncan. Caska felt more at ease as Guts' confession made her feel them more equal now.

Caska, Guts, and the rest of the band of Hawks break into the prison that is holding Griffith. They were able to escape but were chase after the Black Dog Knights who were order by the king to bring Griffith back at all cost.


During the Eclipse, Caska was branded on her chest. Then she saw her men being killed by the Apostle and monsters present in the other dimension. She is then raped by Griffith who turned himself into Femto. She is saved by the Skull Knight who takes both Guts and her to Godo.

After Guts wakes up we learn that Caska can no longer talk normally and acts like a child because of her rape. Also her and Guts unborn child becomes corrupt and is born premature and is now a demonic fetus. Guts leave Caska in the care of Godo, Erica, and Rickert will he searches for Griffith.

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