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Beware the power of... Captain Uni-Mutt!
Beware the power of... Captain Uni-Mutt!
While on a trip to the Port Jervis countryside, Glenn Alan Herdling left his dog, Casey, by his car while Glenn himself took his girlfriend Laura on a hot air balloon ride, which was where he proposed to her. 
However, before Laura could give Glenn an answer, the sun's rays deflecting off of the engagement ring set the balloon ablaze and set off a large explosion. 
Shocked, Casey began to bark wildly while the remnants of the balloon started falling back towards the Earth. Then, from literally out of the blue, The Uni-Power descended from the heavens and transformed Casey into Captain Universe, thus giving him the power and the intellect required to save Glenn and Laura from certain death.
 It's just a sweater, don't get your panties in a bunch.
 It's just a sweater, don't get your panties in a bunch.
Casey managed to pull both Glenn, who was visibly shocked by Casey's transformation, and Laura, who was more concerned about her new sweater being ruined, from the burning balloon basket and began making his way down to safer ground. 
But as he did, his wagging tail accidentally caused Glenn to drop the engagement ring in a nearby forest, it is not know if the engagement ring was ever recovered or if Glenn was forced to buy a new one.
Once they landed, The Uni-Power departed from Casey and reverted him back into a normal, average dog. He received a nice pat on the head as a reward for his act of selfless heroism. In the real world, Casey died of old age after a long, happy life.

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