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    Character » Casey Blevins appears in 41 issues.

    Casey is a student at Morning Glory Academy. She is also the de facto leader of the Morning Glory team.

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    Casey grew up in the city of Chicago with her mother and father. Her father was part of the military and then later became an artist. While she was growing up she became very intelligent and would rather spend time studying than learn fighting skills her father learned during his years as a soldier. In the beginning of the series, Casey was very excited when she found out that she got accepted to the school and was very eager to go unlike the rest of the kids.


    The character was created by the series creators Nick Spencer and Joe Eisma as the main character for the Morning Glories series.

    Character Evolution

    The story of Morning Glories closely follows that of Casey Blevins. She is cast as the main character, but upon her arrival at the academy she is still young and naive. Due to the events that the characters undergo, she evolves into a more capable person, highlighted in the series particularly by her adult version also playing a major role in the current events (through the use of time travel.)

    Due to her enrollment at the same time as Jade Ellsworth, the two become best friends, and many of Casey's actions are in the interest of protecting Jade.

    Major Story Arcs

    When she arrived to the school, she was greeted by the headmistress, Miss Daramount. Miss Daramount assured Casey that their school will lead a new way in educating the current and later generations today.

    As she was learning more about her fellow pupils, she realized that all of them have the same birthday. This puzzled Casey greatly and asked one of the students named Pamela to ask her the meaning behind it. However, while they were walking, Pamela led Casey to a secret room that had the dead bodies of Casey's parents. After this shocker, Casey was held in a classroom with Miss Daramount and a few guards. Miss Daramount was asking Casey a question about reality, however, Casey would not answer due to the fact that Miss Daramount was responsible for the deaths of her parents. Eventually, she was sent to detention with the other students and they all were asking each other on what they did that may them need up in detention. Then all of a sudden the sprinkles went off and the students realized that they were going to drown. As they were trying to figure out a way to free themselves, Miss Daramount and other people were watching them being a one way window analyzing their teamwork. Eventually, Carey realized what she had to do and answered the question that Daramount asked her earlier and the water stopped.

    However, during the incident, Jade tried to commit suicide by drowning and as a result needed to go to the school's deranged nurse. Knowing that jade might be in trouble, Casey tried to form a team with Zoe, Jun, Ike, and Hunter. Everybody showed up instead of Jun because he believed that this school was to dangerous to do something so rash. Casey decided that the best thing to do is to make tear gas in order for them to get to Jade without anyone getting in their way. Ike ends up betraying her and the others, but she had predicted this, and ended up using Ike's betrayal as a diversion as Jun, disguised as a guard, and Hunter rescued Jade. Casey does not receive any repercussions other than a warning from Mister Gribbs about how he will not hesitate to kill her if she does something again.

    Following this Hunter attempts to ask Casey out on a date, which she accepts, but when Hunter never shows up, she decides it's best for them to just be friends seeing that any such thing while they are at the academy is too dangerous.

    After this Casey meets Lara Hodge, the guidance counselor at the academy. Ms. Hodge makes a deal with Casey that she can bring Casey's parents back if she assists her in destroying the Academy. Ms. Hodge leaves instructions for her during Woodrun, and meets Ms. Hodge at a cave along with Ike and Jade. During the events that take place inside the cave Ms. Hodge takes Casey back in time. They happen to end up at a military base were Casey's father is stationed at, and mistaking them for enemies have them imprisoned. Ms. Hodge helps Casey escape the military base, and explains that they had gone back farther than intended and it would be quite some time before Casey would be able to save the lives of not only her parents, but her friends as well. Ms. Hodge hands her a duffel bag with a passport, five thousands dollars in various national currencies, and instructions on what she is supposed to do. She also instructs her on a special ability that if she "pretends she is god" she will be able to tell others what to do. Ms. Hodge tells Casey to run and disappear, before leaving herself. Casey while running, meets her father one last time and tells him to give up the military and start painting, and to teach his daughter how to defend herself before telling him to forget all about her.

    The series has changed in its focus at times with Casey always as the main character, though sometimes cast in a supporting role. At present her activities focus around winning the role as class president though she is often not highlighted in her attempt to do so.

    Powers and Abilities

    Casey is a very intelligent girl with a high ranking GPA and a Physics scholarship. She also knows how to strategize, and use tactics to place people where she needs them. She also has some military knowledge as shown early in the series when she displays the ability of knowing the process of making tear gas.

    Throughout the series the children that are assembled at the Morning Glories Academy have exhibited abilities above those of a regular human. It is not yet explained whether this is as a result of supernatural origins or technological.


    Casey has shown to be capable, somewhat, of hand to hand combat. She was taught at a young age by her father in how to defend herself. This is mainly displayed when she gets Ike to let his guard down so she can knee him in the groin, and when she punches Ms. Hodge, who comments on her "right hook". Much later on it has been shown that at some point she gained the knowledge of how to handle a firearm, and have the ability to carry out espionage like tactics.

    Mind Control

    When Casey is taken back in time, Ms. Hodge tells her that she has the ability to tell people what to do, so long as she "pretends to be God". When Casey does this all she has to do is speak a command, and whoever she commands will follow that order. Casey has been told though to only use this ability sparingly. It has not been yet revealed as to why.


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