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Green Lantern of a possible future
Status: Yet to be determined
Space Sector:
Sector Partner: None
Predecessor: Direct succession is unknown - possible future relative of Kyle Rayner

Successor: Inapplicable



Cary is first seen when Green Lantern Kyle Rayner accidentally ends up in the 31st century. She is the first person he sees right before he is mobbed by a crowd and carted off to jail. She is apparently homeless much like he was when he first got the ring. Once the ring is forcibly removed from Kyle Ganthlet calls it back to him and in a scene reminiscent of Kyle getting the ring, Ganthlet presents her the ring in an alley.
Once she puts it on she is transformed into a Green Lantern In the classic costume. She then does battle with the fake Green Lantern corp alongside XS of the Legion and rescues Kyle. She is instrumental in shutting down their power source until Kyle takes back the ring. She is next seen in a museum with XS returning a stolen art piece that unknown to her or Kyle was made by him in the 20th Century and has become one of the most highly rated pieces in history.
Skills and abilities
The conventional powers of a Green Lantern minus any experience or training.



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