Carter Ghazikhanian

    Character » Carter Ghazikhanian appears in 138 issues.

    Carter Ghazikhanian is the son of Annie Ghazikhanian.

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    Carter is the son of Annie Ghazikhanian, the former nurse at the Xavier Institute. Since their move to the school, Carter has struck up a friendship with the young aquatic mutant, Sammy Pare, alias the Squidboy. When Carter tried to help Alex Summers, the X-Man known as Havok, from his coma, something strange occurred which rendered Carter unconscious. Carter’s conscious became ensnared by the evil counterpart of Havok from the Mutant X universe, but Carter and the real Alex were rescued by Professor X, who after the rescue wanted to talk to Annie about Carter's father. Carter's father is yet to be revealed.


    He was playing a game with Wolf Cub, Juggernaut and Havok, when Wolf Cub and Havok had a disagreement. Wolf Cub lashed out and went feral, nearly killing Havok. Moments later the Exiles appearded, their mission was to keep Carter and Wolf Cub safe. Havok had been possessed by bad Havok. In the end, the X-Men and Exiles were able to defeat Evil Havok.

    When Alpha Fight came to take all the students away, it is because of Carter and his mother they didn't all get taken. Alpha Flight, namely Puck, was trying to take Carter against Annie's wishes. This caused the ensuing conflict. In the end only Squidboy left.

    Annie later took Carter away from the Xavier Institute when she found it to be too dangerous a place for him when the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by the ex-Acolyte Exodus, attacked the Institute, killing Sammy and other mutants. As Annie and Carter are shown leaving the Institute, the astral projection of an undetermined person is shown next to Carter's face. Annie seems unaware of this projection. Carter's dialogue and expression at this time hint that he is under the control of this individual, who Austen had eventually intended to be Cassandra Nova, ignoring Grant Morrison's plot that Nova had been transformed into Ernst.

    He hasn't appeared in any of 198 files.


    Height: 4' 2"

    Weight: 72 lbs.

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Brown


    Carter is a mutant who possesses the superhuman ability to move objects with his mind known as telekinesis. He also has telepathic abilities. The full extent of Carter's power is undetermined as he is still a minor. It was theorized that he is a poweful, possible omega level mutant.

    Alternates Versions

    X-Men: The End (Earth-41001)

    Carter is depicted as a deeply traumatized child, possibly as a result of the deaths of both his mother and Havok, and spends his time in an almost autistic state. His powers have evolved to the point of being able to create solid psionic constructs, as he is seen playing in a castle he created. He is killed, along with most of the student body, when Skrulls invade the mansion.


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