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    Judge Carter Blaire is the father of Alison Blaire (Dazzler).

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    Carter Blaire is the father of Alison Blaire, also known as the mutant Dazzler. He was a judge and always dreamed of Alison to one day follow in his footsteps and into the law profession. Carter's wife and Alison's mother had been a singer and left him and Alison while she was still very young. Carter was grief-stricken by this decision of his wife, but raised Alison alone as best he could.


    Judge Carter Blaire was created by Tom DeFalco and John Romita Jr. and first appeared in Dazzler issue 1 (1981).

    Major Story Arcs

    A Rift in the Family

    When a young Alison decided to go into music, like her mother, Carter fought tooth and nail to stop her from making this choice, which he thought was a huge mistake. This caused a big rift between father and daughter. Alison however became a singer and along the way discovered she was a mutant. Carter and Dazzler were estranged for a long time until she finally met her mother. Dazzler and her father then reconciled as well.


    Some months after his daughter outed herself as a mutant, Carter noticed his daughter was in trouble. When he found out some corporation had forged a warrant for her arrest, Carter went in search of his daughter. The moment he arrived in a hotel to find her, he was possessed by villain named Dust and his body was used to lure Dazzler into the clutches of Dust himself. Dazzler however soon noticed that it was not really her father talking to her in his body. Together with her father's psychic presence still fighting Dust from withing, Dazzler managed to stop Dust, seemingly causing the death of Carter as a result.


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