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Route 66 Dash

My daughter and I jumped into the middle of this story line.  I must admit, that really didn't matter.  They did a good job of just keeping this part of the race contained to this issue.  They really didn't reference any part of the race that happened before this issue.  That was great, you could just pick it up, enjoy it and not feel like you missed anything.
 We find out that Tow Mater has an issue with tractor tipping.  This was my daughters favorite thing in this issue.  It seemed that Lightning and Mater were stopping for fake tractor tipping contests along the route.  It was quite comical actually.  When they finally run into a real tractor tipping contest... well, that got some laughs from my daughter.
Meanwhile the rest of the gang is having issues of their own.  Between the police, organic fuel and roadside attractions, this is not much of a dash at all, it's more like a Sunday drive.  
This issue is good, lots of funny distractions and funny side plots.  
This issue is cute and funny and we recommend it to everybody.  My daughter rated this a 5 and I would agree with her on that pick.

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