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    Malcolm McBride was a rival student of Peter Parker who became the second Carrion. Able to rot flesh with just a touch, Carrion became an adversary to Parker's alter-ego Spider-Man.

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    The second Carrion was a rival student of Peter Parker by the name of Malcolm McBride. Malcolm would find a test tube of the genetic make-up of Carrion left years before by professor Miles Warren and accidentally exposed himself to the virus and becoming the next Carrion.


    The second Carrion was created by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema and first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man issue 149 (1989). Although this character was obviously based on the original Carrion (Warren) created by Bill Mantlo.

    Major Story Arcs

    Versus Spider-Man

    After becoming Carrion, Malcom (controlled by the virus) would team up with Hobgoblin to kill Spider-Man but the plans would backfire after one of Hobgoblin's targets was Carrion's mother. With some of McBride's memories still inside him, he attacks Hobgoblin and Hobgoblin's bomb goes off defeating the two.

    Maximum Carnage

    Carrion would later come out of hiding when the Maximum Carnage event took place and would end up joining the Carnage family in the slaughter. But he would later be defeated by being turned back into McBride by the combined powers of Iron Fist, Dagger, and Deathlok and sent to Ravencroft with Carnage Family member Shriek. Shriek saw Carrion as a son and broke him out of his cell in his McBride form Later on during a fight with Spider-Man, Shriek would turn McBride back into Carrion and fight Spider-Man. However his mind as McBride would overwhelm him once again in defeat as the confusion of who was his real mother, McBride's real mom or Shriek. Carrion would end up using his powers on himself put was stopped by Shriek and Carrion was turned back into Malcolm McBride. McBride is still in his cell in Ravencroft to this day, cured of being Carrion.

    Powers & Abilities

    Carrion was like the plague and had a deadly touch. On contact, his skin disintegrates any and all organic matter on contact. Carrion also used a red dust that killed the victim.


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