Carrion (Allen)

    Character » Carrion (Allen) appears in 33 issues.

    William Allen is the third and current supervillain known as Carrion.

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    The third Carrion was a SHIELD agent, William Allen who was infected and mutated by a virus created by the Jackal, that gives him Warren's memories and a variety of powers. Allen seemingly kept control over his body and willingly, as Carrion, became a major threat to civilians in New York City until Spider-Man stopped him. He was put in stasis in a SHIELD facility.


    Carrion (Allen) was created by Roger Stern, Joe Edkin and Darick Robertson and Dan Lawlis and first appeared in Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand issue 1 (1997).

    Major Story Arcs

    War of Kings

    Allen was later seen, under the demon Hive's control in a plot against the mutant Nightcrawler. Caught again Carrion was transferred to Negative Zone Prison 42, which was soon overrun by Blastaar's forces.

    A Council Of Masters

    Max Fury, the leader of the Shadow Council has assembled a new Masters of Evil in the sovereign nation of Bagalia where Carrion is currently a member. Carrion is present when Max Fury and the Masters of Evil capture John Steele after he attempts to escape Bagalia with the Serpent Crown and the Crown of Thorns.


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