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Carrie is a U.S. Marshall, experienced with many cases that is sent to Antarctica to investigate a murder.


Her first appearance was in Whiteout #1 in 1998. She was created by Greg Rucka.

Character Evolution

The characters undergones some character development, but it is limited to two series. She remains mostly true to the original concept of the character all along as the stories are plot driven, not character driven.

Major Story Arcs

When investigating a murder in Antartica, U.S. Marshall, Carrie Stetko follows the killer only to find more murder victims. On the trail of the killer, she is attacked and left for dead in the harsh climate of Antartica. Stetko manages to survive, but loses two fingers from her exposure to the cold climate.

Stetko is later sent back to Antartica when a mass murder investigation is underway, and because she is familiar with the area. She ends up confronting some Russian mercenaries that are responsible for the deaths.

Powers and Abilities

Carrie is a regular human though of above average physical conditioning. She is a capable detective and she is skilled in some firearms.

Other Media

Whiteout: The Movie
Whiteout: The Movie

The comic book miniseries was adapted into a movie starring Kate Beckinsale.

Awards and Honours

Carrie was ranked 44th in Comics Buyer's Guide Presents: 100 Sexiest Women in Comics.


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