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Leaving her job as a department store detective (yes they use to have such things… department stores I mean, and people who patrolled them) Carrie Cashin opens a privet detective agency, but because no one at the time will believe there could such a thing as a female P.I. she hires amiable tough guy Aleck Burton to be the official owner, which really running the place herself, this fact hinted at by the name of the new business the Cash & Carry Detective Agency.

Using a combination of intelligence, beauty, determination, and agility (at times it seems she never enters or leaves a building when there is a window she can use) she turns the agency into a success and in short order she is doing so well that she is able to charge $1000 a job.   


Created by friend of Charles Fort, and sometimes stand in writer for the Shadow, Theodore Tinsley, Carrie Cashin was a popular Street & Smith character that ran from 1937 to 1942 in Crime Buster and Street & Smith Mystery Magazine.

When S&S got into the comic book business in the 40s they tried just about all these series characters, and Carrie showed up in Shadow Comics, unlike the pulps however she didn’t last long in that media, it seems that some popular Pulp characters just didn’t translate well into comic book form.


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