Carrie Alexander

    Character » Carrie Alexander appears in 40 issues.

    A marine biologist whom allied with, and became a romantic interest of, Namor the Submariner

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    Carrie Alexander is a marine biologist. She followed the scientific practice of her father, Caleb Alexander. Caleb was fascinated with Namor and had developed a theory concerning the frequent rages and emotion imbalancies of his subject. He thought they were symptoms of his blood circulation. He developed a device which would improve Namor's blood circulation and balance his temper somewhat.


    Carrie Alexander was created by John Byrne and first appeared in Namor, the Sub-Mariner issue 1 (1990).

    Major Story

    Meeting Namor

    The Alexanders were later able to contact Namor and sell the device. The trio next became partners in Oracle, Incorporated. Carrie was somewhat disturbed at Namor's romantic interest in her. She was further disturbed when attacks on Namor almost cost the life of her father and endangered her own. She had gained a friend in Namorita but sought to distance herself from the former ruler of Atlantis.


    Carrie later returned to Namor's side, realizing she did care for him. They appeared publicly together and she followed him to missions to Atlantis and the Savage Land. Following the death of her father, Carrie took part in the construction of Aquaria. It was new undersea city, able to house both Atlanteans and surface humans. She found a new love interest in Ian Langstrom, the representative of the United States Navy in the city.


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