First take on Captain Marvel #1

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This is my first read or look into Captain Marvel, i loved the book and was instantly hooked. i love the art it is great with aspects of weird and wonderful things to come. i was just a bit bemused with the whole name of captain marvel i would of appreciated it a little more, if the whole MS marvel was involved. Dont get me wrong i dont mind the name but it makes me think of a guy because of the "captain" in the name. anyways great story great art and i will continue to read her :)

whats your views?

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I like the new costume, but there was no need to change her name.

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Love the new costume, love the art and the direction it's taking.

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I love it. I'm glad to see the name and costume change, both were dated.

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Why a colonel would go around as a captain seem's strange to me.

Way off topic but when did carol get promoted to colonel last I remember she was a major in the air force.

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It was just okay. Nothing particularly dynamic happened, and the art is pretty unfitting (not bad, just out of place. Seems more proper in a post-apocalyptic or horror book), especially considering the contrast with the incredibly bright and proud cover. I'll give it a few more issues to build things up before I decide its fate in my reading list.

While I like the new costume, the name change felt too forced. Not to mention unnecessary. Plus it was just plain strange how both Captain America and Spider-Man were suddenly against the name "Ms. Marvel" (to be fair, with Spider-Man it was more unclear, but it seemed to be implied he wasn't a fan of the Ms. Marvel name for no particular reason).

Personally, I think the name "Ms. Marvel" does kinda sound submissive, which is something Carol isn't, but I don't like the idea of her taking on a legacy name. If she were to have a new hero name, a more unique one would be preferred, however I won't throw a tantrum over this decision. It is, after all, still Carol Danvers---the heroine we all love---so I'm willing to support this series as long as it's decently written.

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@TheCommissar: Well said. Pretty much my feelings on the issue.

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@gats_botl: Agree. I cant get used to Carol as Captain Marvel.....although the name did work for Monica Rambeau in the Avengers back in the day. I guess it will sync in eventually.

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I was meh on it.

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The costume sucks,the art is nothing special and nothing intriguing.Only the writing is kinda good.

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LOVE the art in the fist few and last couple issues!

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So far, I'm diggin' the whole series.

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