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Carol lived in Mutant Town With her husband Ned Campbell. Both of them were mutants. She caught him mumbling the name Kim in his sleep and thought that he was using his astral projection powers to have an affair with a woman. She went to X-Factor Investigation, before the name change, to find out the truth.  
Wolfsbane stalked out the Campbell residence when she noticed that Ned did leave his body. She followed the astral form until it reached its destination. Ned was indeed cheating on his wife with Kim, A man named Kim though. When Ned saw Wolfsbane, he attacked her trying to stop the spread of his secret. After he chased her fo rblocks, Wolfsbane slashed at the Astral body. It disappeared and he died in his "sleep".  
Carol latered explained that her husband died and X-Factor told her that her husband was not cheating at all. When they all raised their glasses in a toast to Ned, A man asked if Ned Campbell had really died. When Carol went over to talk to him, he said that he was indeed close to Ned, The man had bee Kim, the lover. At hearing that her husband was having an affair with a man, Carol accidentally used her powers, she ignited. But unlike many fire mutants, she did not have immunity to the flames. her powers caused her incredible pain.  A Madrox dube got the fire extinguisher quickly but the damage was done.  


 Carol was a mutant with the ability to set herself on fire. Unlike many Fire mutants, she was not immune to the flames that she produced.

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