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    Dick Chalker was a scientist who used his talents for good instead of evil. A lesson is to be learned here.

    Dick Chalker was a mutant with the ability to turn into a dinosaur. He used this power to commit unspeakable crimes, such as robberies, murder, mayhem, even postal fraud. He blackened the Chalker name and incited hatred of mutants. In a fit of conscience, he decided to turn over a new leaf. He was going to exterminate all the mutants on the planet, then kill himself, so no one would ever misuse their powers like he had. Embarking on his new found crusade, he made one crucial error. He didnt look both ways before crossing the street and was hit by a truck.

    He ended up in the realm of Satannish, and was brought back with Vic and Rick (Number One Fan) as X-Factor's greatest enemies. To whit, Strong Guy replies: “ "That Figures! Only we could have a bunch of 'greatest enemies' that we never heard of...Maybe you've confused us with X-Force. Everyone else does."

    Dick fought Wolfsbane and Madrox, stunning Wolfsbane and biting Madrox's hand. Madrox used the bite to create another dupe, this one Inside Carnivore, causing him to explode. The Chalkers were never seen again.


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