Character » Carnivore appears in 14 issues.

    The first vampire and former member of Heaven. He sought to bringing Hell on Earth by taking control of all three Earth-born Angels, one of whom was Linda Danvers (Supergirl).

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    The Carnivore was formerly a member of Heaven who took the concious decision to leave. The son of Lilith and Baalzebub, he is a supremely evil being and is said to be the first vampire. 
    His ambition was to take control of Heaven from The Presence. He managed to do so by taking the Schenia (the feminine aspect of the Presence and was accountable for acts of mercy and compassion amongst others) hostage and corrupting her avatars into evil. 
    The Carnivore's control of Heaven was brief thanks to Linda Danvers, who had merged with Matrix and had become the new Supergirl. Aided by the spirit of Kara, Linda found in herself the strength and means to defeat Carnivore. Blithe and Andy Jones also came to realize their true worth, and the three of them rose again to bring down Carnivore.    

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