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Spider-Man's battle to save America's Heartland from CARNAGE takes a fatal turn! With the Avengers possessed by evil and a city undersiege, it may take symbiotes to beat a symbiote! A Final Page Reveal that will leave you breathless!


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a story that is just Spider-Man hiding in a farmhouse 0

AF Reviews: Spider-ManAfter 2 mediocre and down-right lame issues, Carnage USA has kept it consistent by just offering a few good moments sandwiched between really dull, boring and predictable nonsense.I'll start at the end with the highlight: Venom finally appears! But before you get to that, you can stumble along at samey sequences and Spider-Man hiding in a farmhouse again for a full issue while the Avengers continue to be useless.This series seems more like someone sat down and came up with ...

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A little early in the morning for a moral dilemma 0

We start with the symbiote squad (I am so trademarking that name) doing some recon work and running into the Doppleganger, because I guess he's still around. Meanwhile, Cletus has appointed himself the town's preacher and as you can imagine, he's less qualified for the position than Jesse Custer. He makes the towns people pull out their teeth for his own amusement. The Carnage possessed Captain America starts to show signs of resistance but Cletus doesn't appear too perturbed. Meanwhile, the wif...

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Who You Gonna Call? 0

Highly Recommended!A great continuation and addition to the mini-series. We are past the half-way point in this 5-issue mini, which always begs the question, "Will this feel like a complete series, or rushed near the end?". From what I can tell, the story as a whole was well thought out, with mini-climaxes set for each issue. This issue in particular transitions nicely from the previous issue's cliffhangers and still has a lot of great elements from the first issue.The art is great as expected, ...

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