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supurb return of carnage 2

ok i wanna make this clear up front this is a Quality series and a quality issue on all acounts writing, art (especialy the art), all the chracterazaions are absolutly spot on   this is quite possible superior to maximum carnagebut this is also a series bound completly bound by a persons taste if u dont like carnage, symbiotes, spiderman, or dark stories than u wont like this book so dont bye it and b###h about it being bad just cus you didnt enjoy it cus u didnt like thing things and chracters ...

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Minimum Carnage 1

Well I gave it all the way until the end of the series but the verdict is in: the latest exploits of Carnage and crew were underwhelming to say the least.  I was a huge fan of the Maximum Carnage crossover back in the 90's and I was thrilled to see Shriek and Doppelganger back together with Carnage for more murder and mayhem.  Unfortunately I was disappointed...  Now to be fair, my disappointment partially came from my own lack of knowledge.  Since I do not regularly read Spider-man issues, I wa...

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Third, or 8th, or whatever this time is, is a charm? 0

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers in Video!s    ...

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