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It's All in the Pacing

The Good: Crain's art continues to suit the mood of this story perfectly, and the shadows are toned down a tad, making things a lot clearer. 
The dialogue is fantastic. Wells has a beautiful grasp of Spider-Man and it shows in spades. 
Now we come to the big thing that impressed me, was the pacing. It can be tough to write a superhero comic like a horror movie, but damn if that isn't what happened here, and it worked. There's a lot of back and forth between the 2 different sets of characters, and the tiny cliffhangers for each change are so perfectly chosen and executed. Shriek's outburst sets off the tension like a smoke machine, the organic remains Iron Man examines, the hallucinations, leading all into the attack, which itself is interrupting the big climactic scene at every carefully chosen opportunity to create maximum tension, and the dark DARK artwork that drives it all to the epic finish. 
The Bad: Waiting an extra month for the next issue. 
In Conclusion: 5/5 
I give away more 5/5's than most reviewers, and I can back up my decisions, but sometimes it all comes down to, I enjoyed it that much, or, it didn't blow my mind, but there were no real flaws. This comic is one of those rarer occasions where there's no doubt in my mind that I'm giving it a perfect score. The heart-pounding tension was so deeply ingrained into every last corner of this issue that it was impossible for me not to give it such high marks. It was all in the pacing.

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