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Carlton LeHah was the treasurer for the Sacred Order of St. Dumas until he decided to use the funds of the Order to further his own greed. He began a business in international weapons sales, and was extremely successful. The Order eventually caught on to his actions and dispatched an Azrael, Ludovic Valley, to bring him in. LeHah shot and killed this Azrael, but not before he crawled to the home of his son, Jean-Paul Valley, who then became the new - and best known - Azrael. LeHah tracked Jean-Paul to Europe and attempted to kill him and end the line of Azraels there, but an unexpected explosion forced LeHah’s helicopter to crash into the mountainous wilderness. There he had a demonic “revelation” of unsure legitimacy, which then led him to follow the Demon Lord Biis, the traditional archenemy of the angel Azrael in the mythology of the Order. Thereafter, he often impersonated the Demon Lord when carrying out his various evil schemes.

Pursuing Azrael further and systematically wiping out most of the leaders of the Order of St. Dumas, he came into contact with Batman, whom he captured and tortured until Azrael rescued him, with help from Alfred and the dwarf, Nomoz. He continued to be a thorn in the sides of both Azrael and Batman for some time afterward. During Jean-Paul’s time as Batman, his attempt to kill LeHah provided the stage for the penultimate battle between Jean-Paul and Bruce to determine who would wear the Mantle of the Bat at the end of the Knightfall Saga.

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