Carlos Meglia

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    Argentinian artist, best known as the co-author of Cybersix. Has done work in the field of comics, illustration, animation, and more.

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    Carlos Meglia was born November 11, 1957 in the city of Quilmes, near Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    1974 - first debuted as an assistant to the illustrator Oswal Sanson, producing numerous illustrations for the magazines Pendulum and Skorpio.

    1979 - Meglia illustrated the comic book adaptations of various literary classics such as Don Quichotte, La Bible pour les Enfants, and several books of Martin Fierro, the poet.

    Early 1980's - contributed to several major magazines of Argentina, including Satiricon - a humorous periodical, El Grafico - a sports magazine, and Billiken - a children's magazine.

    1983 - made his first short comic stories for the publisher Record.

    1984 - decided to enter the Hanna-Barbera Studios, where he worked in animation for some popular cartoon series, including The Smurfs, The Flinstones, and Scooby Doo, as well as the animated film The Magic Pumpkin.

    1987 - teamed up with the famous Argentinian writer, Carlos Trillo, and together they started Irish Coffee - a comic series about a detective with supernatural powers, considered by many the first real comic character in Europe.

    - Meglia subsequently created Big Bang and The Book of Gabriel - the story of an archangel who's lost his immortality and must journey to gain forgiveness from the sin he committed.

    - Among the many activities to which he was committed at the time, he also did the cover art for Acme Editorial (on which it is signed with the pseudonym Mercuria Karur) and was a teacher of illustration at the School of Fine Arts in Quilmes - his home city.

    1991 - Again alongside Trillo, they created their most famous character, Cybersix.

    1993 - Meglia was awarded Best European Comic Character.

    - Meglia and Trillo start the two miniseries Lam and Livevil.

    1995 - Cybersix becomes a live-action television series in Argentina. Low ratings however lead it to only lasting seven episodes.

    1999 - Cybersix becomes an animated television series. It debuted in Canada and Argentina on September 6, and was subsequently dubbed for French, Japanese, Malaysian, Polish, South American, and Thai viewers.

    - Meglia begins overseeing the production of a film based on Livelil.

    Second half of the 1990's - settled in Spain and began working for the US market. He cooperated on series such as Wildcats, Dark Horse titles like Star Wars and Spyboy, as well as DC's Superman/Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle, Crimson, Adventures of Superman, and Monster World, as well as Marvel's Elektra.

    2001 - Cybersix animated series wins "Special Mention for the Best Science Fiction Program" at the Pulcinella Awards in Italy.

    2005 - created the series Canari with Belgian comic artist Didier Crisse.

    Carlos Meglia dies of a heart attack on August 15, 2008 - age 50.


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