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    Italian Reporter

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    Marvel Italia

    Carlo Paci is an inquisitive and determined journalist and reporter which lead both TV and Radio shows. His style is usually that of the anti-conspiracy and anti-corporative reporter, which service are highly critics against government, foreign agency such as the S.H.I.E.L.D. and so on, and he have show more than one time a quite disdain for superheroes. When Gemini start it's operation on Italian soil, Carlo Paci openly attack the project and their operation in various TV Service, and also nterviewing Alma Zareth, he storm her with inquisitive and nasty questions about hidden secret of Edwig Caine.

    Anyway, she affirm to have nothing against superheroes, but that he only search the truth. For this reason, he is the only one who aid Front in searching evidence of the truth about Gemini origins, and also help him to find Mr. Illusion.

    In the end, he receive file with the whole truth from Front, but decide to give him and his team a chance: he keep the documents for himself, waiting to see if Gemini his a good or bad thing for Italy.


    Carlo Paci is a smoker, and is never seen without a lighted cigarette


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