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Carlie's father was a respected officer for the New York Police Department before he died. Carlie took after her father and began to work in the medical examiner's office as a forensic expert. She was best friend to Lily Hollister. The two of them grew up together and Carlie considered Lily's father, councilman Bill Hollister, as her second father.

Carlie Cooper has been known to examine crime scenes involving super human activity.

Major Story Arcs

Character Assassination

At one point Carlie seemed to have a crush on Peter Parker and was not aware that Officer Vin Gonzales, Peter's roommate, had a crush on her. During the Character Assassination story arc, Carlie was the first person to link the spider tracer killings to Spider-Man when she found a spider tracer in a victims mouth. Carlie used a machine to trace the signal of the spider tracers to Peter Parker's apartment and found a bag full of tracers under Vin's bed and not Peter's. Carlie confronted Vin and his partner about the tracers and they confessed that it was a group of police officers involved in the conspiracy. Carlie went to see the sergeant and found out he was also involved in the conspiracy. He placed a warrant out for her arrest and she informed Bill and Lily about the conspiracy. After she is dragged away by the police, Lily as Menace, allowed her to escape. Vin confronted her and apologized for getting her in the situation.

Last Legs

Carlie and Norah kidnapped by Doc Ock
Carlie and Norah kidnapped by Doc Ock

A few days before the wedding of Peter's Aunt May to J. Jonah Jameson Senior, Peter asked Carlie to go with him as his guest. Before she could answer, Peter got a phone call from his aunt telling him Jameson Senior. had gone missing. Carlie agreed to go with him and meet him at his apartment. She was upset with Peter because he asked her out days before the wedding and she felt that he was only using her as a last resort. At the apartment of J. Jonah Jameson Sr., Carlie bumped into Norah Winters who was breaking into his apartment. They discover he was kidnapped from his apartment by mini robots sent by Doctor Octopus. Carlie followed the signal from her spider tracer, but her and Norah ended up being kidnapped by Doc Ock.

Jameson Senior, Carlie, and Norah were all hooked up to Doc Ock's extra arms. Spiderman and the Human Torch arrived to save them. While Spiderman fought Doc Ock, the Human Torch tried to free the captives. Spider-Man was able to stop Doc Ock and the captives were set free. Carlie asked the Human Torch to be her guest to the wedding to make Peter jealous. Peter reluctantly went to the wedding with his high strung roommate Michele Gonzales.

The Gauntlet

Carlie Cooper was involved in a plot by Mysterio in the Gauntlet. Carlie's father mysteriously returned and told Carlie that he was actually a bad cop who took bribes from crime gangs and had to fake his death to avoid people coming after him and Carlie. It was later revealed that this was simply part of Mysterio's evil plans.

Big Time

Peter and Carlie together
Peter and Carlie together

Right before Big Time, Carlie and Peter had several arguments about him not committing to the relationship. It was made clear that Peter was afraid to ask Carlie to be his girlfriend because he was scared she would get hurt indirectly by his activities as Spider-Man. Mary Jane eventually confronted Peter about this and told him she thought that Carlie would be good for him. After thinking it over, Peter asked Carlie to be his girlfriend and she happily accepted this with a kiss.

Peter has had some close calls with Carlie almost finding out his secret identity. When Peter went on a mission with the FF, he told Carlie that he was going on a business trip. Carlie, however, checked at his office and found that Peter had lied to her. She got very frustrated, got wasted with her friends, and almost got a Goblin tattoo. When Peter came back she visited him and, after some tension, she said that her gut told her that Peter is a good person. She revealed that she had gotten a Spider-man tattoo and the couple made up.


Carlie Cooper, The Amazing Spider-Cop!
Carlie Cooper, The Amazing Spider-Cop!

When Jackal unleashed the Spider virus on Manhattan, Carlie was among the millions of Manhattan inhabitants that contracted the spider virus. During the chaos, Carlie used her new found spider powers to help fight the new outbreak of crime in the city that resulted from the spider virus outbreak. She assisted Spider-Man by trying to uncover the one responsible with the outbreak.

During their work, Carlie and Spider-Man responded to a bank robbery where Herman Shcultz showed that he too had contracted the spider virus but he begun to mutate further than anything they have seen thus far. At that point in time the virus moved to it's next phase of mutation and Carlie, along with many other Manhattan occupants, mutated into giant spiders that were controlled by the Spider Queen.

After Spider Queen was defeated, Carlie was cured from the spider virus along with the rest of Manhattan's inhabitants. During the events of Spider Island she figured out that Peter was Spider-Man. Distraught over Peter continually making excuses and lying to her about being Spider-Man, she broke up with him.

Great Heights

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In the aftermath of Spider-Island, Carlie investigated the body of a teenage boy thought to be another jumper that is the latest to die in the 4 day pattern. Whilst Chief Pratchett believed the deaths are due to citizens trying to emulate the Spider-Island phenomenon, Carlie thought there was no evidence to suggest that the boy committed suicide. Angry at Carlie's disobedience Pratchett removed Carlie from the case and reminded her that he had his eye on her.

Whilst looking at the files for the murders at the Coffee Bean, Carlie and Peter bump into one another. Realising that their respective line of works will likely lead to them meeting up on a regular basis, Carlie and Peter agreed to a truce to work together on the teenage suicide case.

Later that night, Peter, as Spider-Man brought Carlie to the 18th Precint and both sneak into the Morgue. Thanks to Peter's ultra violet Spider-Signal, they discover an ultraviolet stamp from a nightclub on all the victims' arms. Also, when Carlie's pendant was attracted to the victim's piercing, Peter deduced that the victims had been exposed to a magnetic field and that the Vulture might be linked to the recent string of 'suicides'. After a call from Mary Jane, the duo discovered that the club the victims were heading to before they died was called the The Wake. Peter then rushed off to stop the Vulture's accomplices.

Carlie caught up with Peter whilst he engaged the Vultures and told him that the signal of the Vultures' harnesses was on a constant active signal which resulted in Peter using his magnetic webbing to cut off that signal. After the Vulture revealed his harness now had the ability to extend its gravity manipulation to lift and move objects, he threw a water tower at Carlie. Peter managed to save Carlie but the Vulture escaped. Carlie then said that she would be willing to trust Peter as Spider-Man. Carlie then visited Mary Jane's apartment and they began to bond over their mutual mutual knowledge of Peter's identity and both being Peter's ex-girlfriends.

Superior Spider-Man

Following the paper trail
Following the paper trail

After Doctor Octopus and Peter switch bodies, Parker breaks into the NYPD to reclaim the golden Octobot. There he runs into Carlie and she tries to stop him, not knowing that it was really Peter. Peter tries to calm her down, but she shoots him. He instinctively blocks the bullet with a tentacle causing it to ricochet and hit Carlie in the shoulder. She is taken to the hospital, where she recovers. Carlie soon begins grow suspicious of Spider-Man due to his weird behavior after her run in with Doc Ock and decides to go back to work, to find out what really happened to Peter. With the help of mysterious individual named Wraith, Carlie is able to uncover that the Spider-Squad is funded not by Mayor Jameson, but by Otto Octavious. This confirms her suspicion that Spider-Man is really Doctor Octopus in Peter Parker's body.


Carlie goes to the grave of Doctor Octopus to pay her respects and apologize for not believing him. As she stands there the grave collapses to reveal the body is gone. Before she can leave, Menace appears and kidnaps her. Carlie is brought to the Goblin King's lair, where he interrogates her about Doctor Octopus' mind being in Spider-Man's body and demands to know his true identity. When she refuses the Goblin King sprays Goblin Formula on Carlie, causing her to writhe in agony. The formula begins to take effect on Carlie transforming her and the Goblin King nicknamed her "Monster". When asked again to reveal the Spider-Man's identity, Carlie asked who Goblin King really was to which he replied "Norman Osborn". Not buying it, Carlie asked him to remove his mask to prove it. However, before doing so the Goblin King requires Carlie to prove that she truly a part of his Goblin Army. To do this the Goblin King sends her and Menace to take down some of Rodrick's men. The Goblin girls attack Ringer, Steeplejack, and Tumbler.Two of the criminals flee, but Steeplejack stands his ground and is able hit Carlie with his acetylene pistol, burning part of her armor, before she slammed him into a chimney with a single punch earning her place in the Goblin family. She is next seen along side Goblin Knight and Menace as they assault Spider Island.

Back to Human
Back to Human

When Wraith confronts Otto for information about Carlie Cooper, Monster swoops in knocking Wraith out. Monster reveals herself as Carlie to the shock of Otto. Spider-Man sends Living Brain to fight Monster while he and Sajani flee inside where they split up. Monster follows Otto into a closed room, and the fight continues. He lands a kick which breaks Monster's earpiece allowing her to talk freely. She states that she needs him to fix her before she loses control. Telling Otto to hurry, she says that Otto has no idea what the Goblin King has planned for him. After Spider-Man leaves, Carlie demands Sajani to give her the cure for the Goblin Formula, but Sajani reminds her they still haven’t tested it yet. She begins to lose control again when Wraith arrives, having regained consciousness. Unable to recognize Carlie in her goblin guise, Wraith attacks causing Carlie to lose control faster eventually succumbing fully to the Goblin Formula. As Carlie is about to kill Wraith, Sajani is able to sneak up and inject her with the cure, which slowly reverts Carlie back to human form. Carlie then explains it was the Green Goblin, not Peter, who abducted and transformed her before slipping into a coma.

Alternate Versions


Carlie Cooper
Carlie Cooper

In the alternate MC2 universe, due to change of ownership and staff changes over the years, Peter Parker went to work as a CSI photographer for extra money with the help of Carlie Cooper.

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