Carl Fredricksen

    Character » Carl Fredricksen appears in 5 issues.

    Character from Up. Crotchety old man.

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    Darkwing Duck: Maury Thwackstein

     A character resembling Carl appears in the new Darkwing Duck 2010 series.
     Like his human counterpart, this duck is old and gets around with the use of a cane with tennis balls on the end.
    When Darkwing is investigating the maniacal company known as Quackwerks, he is apprehended by a man in a suit who looks quite like Steelbeak (a Darkwing duck villain). It turns out he was mistaken to be the best lounge singer from Quackwerks's school of crooning for Maury Thwackstein's retirement party. The man in the suit suggests that he sings "my runny turpentine" (because according to him, Maury worked in the chemical department), although after wards when he was congratulated by the man (or is it duck?) himself it was revealed he worked in security.
    He tells Darkwing that he was one of the original design team for the Quackwerks Crimebots. Turns out, they all had this weird compulsion to come to work and build those machines. He thinks someone should investitage the Hub Quackwerks, where the "darn thinss" are made just to be sure their "programming isn't going haywire" He tells darkwing the security codes to open the door (1447-6-3253) and that he knows a hero when he sees one.
    It is later revealed that Taurus Bulba was the puppeteer behind Quackwerks.

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