Carina Walters

    Character » Carina Walters appears in 35 issues.

    Collector's daughter and the wife of Michael Korvac.

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    The Collector originally conspired to have her pretend to be in love with Korvac and then turn on him in a moment of weakness. However, as she got to know him, she truly fell in love with him.

    Carina blasts Iron Man
    Carina blasts Iron Man

    The Avengers came to stop Korvac, and tried to battle him. However, he defeated most of them easily. While he was fighting the last few, he looked at her, wondering why she didn't take part. He saw hesitation in her eyes, and killed himself instead of continuing with his plans.

    When Carina saw what he did, she was overcome with rage and attacked the remaining Avengers herself. However, rather than kill them, she ultimately forced Thor to blast her with Mjolnir, in effect killing herself.

    She recently returned in the pages of Avengers Academy, not wanting anything to do with Korvac.

    Personal Data


    • Height : 5"5'
    • Weight: 125 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blond


    • Citizenship: Unrevealed
    • Place of Birth: Unrevealed
    • Marital Status: Separated
    • Education: Unrevealed, Presumably tutored by the Collector
    • Occupation: Former Model
    • Known Relatives: Michael Korvac (husband), Taneleer Tivan (Collector, father), Malani (Mother, deceased)

    Powers and Abilities

    Carina can fire powerful bursts of energy and alter matter on the molecular level. She can sense alternate realities and possible futures with the ability to summon matter from them. At will she can switch the consciousness of others but can be hampered by the will of others.

    Other Media


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    • Carina appears in the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes episode "Michael Korvac". Here, her name is changed from "Carina" to "Corrina", and she is depicted as a waitress from present day Earth. She was voiced by Jennifer Hale.


    Carina in Thor: The Dark World
    Carina in Thor: The Dark World
    • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, British actress Ophelia Lovibond portrayed Carina during a brief cameo in Thor: The Dark World. In the movie, she is the slave of the Collector, and introduces Sif and Volstagg to her employer when they come to give him the Aether.
    • Ophelia Lovibond reprised her role in Guardians of the Galaxy. After she learned of the Orb containing the Power Stone, she yells "I will no longer be your slave!" She grabs the stone as she disintegrates into a purple explosion, destroying most of the museum.


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