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Carina and her mother moved from to Jamaica to Durazno, Uruguay when Carina was three years old. In sixth grade, Carina’s mother sent her to live with her aunts, Helena and Cho, in Pasedena, California. Carina’s aunts supplied Carina with an education in Macumba, Vodun, Voodoo, and spell casting.

In 1996, Carina met and began a romantic relationship with Bill Jensen. Carina was oblivious to the fact Bill had an invisible, supernatural friend named Yasu.

Carina was murdered while attempting to protect Bill from the magic-wielding creature, Double-Pucker. Bill and Yasu joined into the super powerful being referred to as X and resurrected Carina.   After her resuscitation, Carina was able to see and hear Yasu



Physical Description

Eyes:  Brown  
Hair:  Long Black 
Height:  5' 8" with athletic build. 


Helena “Carina” Jefferson was born in Negril, Jamaica on May 3, 1973 and claims dual citizenship in Jamaica and U.S.A. Her father was Jamaican and her mother was Chinese-American.     

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