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    Ally and mentor to both Johnny Blaze and Dan Ketch. Currently dead.

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    A member of the long -lived Blood, the Caretaker was entrusted with the safeguarding of two families, both whom possessed pieces of the Medallion of Power with in their souls.


    Caretaker was created by Howard Mackie and Ron Wagner and first appeared in Ghost Rider #25 (1992).

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Meeting the Ghost Rider

    In recent decades, the Caretaker aided Naomi Kale in her attempts to spare her children [ Johnny, Danny and Barbara] from the family curse of noble kale, placing Danny and Barbara in Cypress hills with a woman named Francis Ketch and left Johnny with Craig "Crash" Simpson. Aware that Naomi had cast spells to prevent Johnny from being bound to there ancestor, Noble Kale, Caretaker turned most his own attentions to watching over Dan and his sister. His patience payed off when Barbara was badly injured and Danny transformed into the newest version of the spirit of vengeance, Ghost Rider.

    Siege of Darkness

    The Caretaker has served as a mentor and friend to Dan and Johnny them information on their family history [ Noble Kale, their mother, etc] he also told them they where in fact brothers also fighting alongside them against Zarathos during the Siege of Darkness. He was later captured by Zarathos and the Fallen but was later rescued and joined in on the final fight.


    Years later, while at his shack containing all the info on the Spirits of Vengeance, his shack got attacked by Dan Ketch who was working for Zadkiel and other Ghost Rider villains. He defeated The Orb, Death Ninja, Blackout, and Doghead, but was killed by Dan Ketch in the end after taunting him about how he was the accidental Ghost Rider. From there, the mantle of Caretaker went to his granddaughter Sara.

    Then in heaven, Zadkiel tore his soul apart and tossed it into the eternal winds. Where he would suffer for all eternity.

    Other Media


    Ghost Rider


    Helstrom (2020)

    Robert Wisdom as Caretaker
    Robert Wisdom as Caretaker

    Caretaker is a main protagonist in the 2020 Hulu original show Helstrom.

    Caretaker is portrayed by Robert Wisdom


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