Cardinal Raker

    Character » Cardinal Raker appears in 16 issues.

    High ranking member of the Universal Church of Truth.

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    Cardinal Raker is a high ranking member in the Church of Truth. The Cardinals are a cross between religious leaders, and Generals, they also serve as the Elite foot soldiers of the Church, as well as capable assassins. He comes into conflict with the Guardians of the Galaxy, and mainly Adam Warlock, after they work together to stop one of their Templeships from entering a fissure in reality, and returning it. He was ordered to take the other Cardinal's and confront them.

    Like all other Cardinals, Raker is able to tap into the belief battery. Prayer power of the church's trillion-plus worshipers is harnessed and stored into belief batteries. This allows Raker to do anything if he believes he can.
    His last battle is on the planet of Orison. The Cardinals, Matriarch and other members of the Church of Truth abduct Moondragon to tear the alien life-form out of her womb. But the Guardians intervene in time to save her. Cardinal Raker tries to protect the Matriarch from Drax , but he drives his dagger through Raker's skull.


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