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Love It!

Though simple, it is the main reason I looked at this in the first place.  To the point, great colors and the depiction of the Grey sisters is awesome. 
The Good: 
I thought I'd never like this about a comic, but being thrown right into the story without background really, really works here.  I enjoyed not needing any background, how it slowly fleshes out and allows the reader to figure it out on their own without having to be spoon fed the premise.  I also love the poetic storytelling; the way that the writers deliver the story in this instance is one of the strongest parts of this issue.  The book is obviously intended for mature readers, though this is not something we are told in the cover, but hopefully your local CBS knows better.  The violence is eminent, but I feel it is necessary to illustrate the feudal state of the parties at war.  It is unclear if it's an entirely fictional world or a futuristic version of our own, but that doesn't take away from the fact that you're aware a war is taking place and that the Grey sisters may have something to do with it.   Lastly, I feel that the strong artistic team (since there are several artists) put together a visually stunning issue.
The Bad:  
Some may not really like the art style, and I feel that some may also not like the indirect approach at storytelling.  Maybe the differences in style and approach, as well as the fact that there are instances that are kind of over the top, may hinder this from being new reader friendly.  I feel that that could be pretty unfortunate, as this is the first issue of a mini-series.    
Personally, I cannot wait until the next issue.  I'm hoping they are either able to fully resolve this intriguing story in three issues or they continue with perhaps another mini-series if this series does well and delivers greatness. 

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