Caramon Majere

    Character » Caramon Majere appears in 34 issues.

    Raistlin's twin brother and self-appointed protector. Caramon is strong yet a little slow (but not stupid) in contrast to his brilliant but frail twin. Caramon is loyal to a fault to his brother and frequently puts himself in harm's way to protect him.

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    Caramon Majere was born in AC 335 in Solace. He was minutes older than his twin brother, Raistlin. From birth, he was the stronger and healthier of the two. His father, Gilon Majere, was a wood cutter by trade and worked long and hard to support his family. His mother, Rosamun, suffered from panic attacks and hallucinations following the disappearance of her first husband, Gregor Uth Matar. She rarely was able to get out of bed, which left it up to Kitiara, his half-sister, to take care of the twins.

    Caramon was always good hearted and spirited, although a bit naive. He was the spitting image of his father: massive & well-muscled. Ever since he was a boy, he'd always been gifted at swordfighting. He looked up to Kitiara for her sword skill and often sparred with her as a child.

    Because of Raistlin's poor health and his connection to him as his twin, Caramon always looked after Raistlin and stood up for him when he was bullied. After Raistlin's test at the Tower of High Sorcery, Caramon became even more protective and mothering to Raistlin.

    After Rosamun and Gilon died, Flint Fireforge looked after the twins and introduced them to Tanis. He and Raistlin befriended Sturm, Tanis and eventually Tasslehoff in Solace as well.

    Caramon and Raistlin went on many adventures as young men. Using Caramon's brute strength and sword-arm and Raistlin's skill in magic, they were a force to be reckoned with.

    Caramon and Tika Waylan, old friends from childhood, fell in love after their reunion years later and time together during the War of the Lance. They were married during the war and later had 5 children. Three boys: Tanin, Sturm, and Palin, and 2 girls. Caramon and Tika took over proprietorship of the Inn of the last Home when Otik retired.

    During the War of the Lance, Caramon proved himself a valiant hero. His deeds were spoken of on all corners of Krynn. After the war, his brother left him and turned to the black robes. Caramon wasn't the same since. He had let himself become a slobbering drunk and was no longer the muscle-bound hero he used to be.

    When his brother went back in time to try to become a god, Caramon was obligated to follow him back to Istar before the Cataclysm (along with Tasslehoff and Crysania) to stop him. He was captured by Istarian guards and wrongly accused of murder. As punishment, he was sent to the arena.

    There, he was forced to get back into shape to fight. He eventually escaped and followed Raistlin, who had assumed the identity of Fistandantilus, into the future (just after the Cataclysm). In this time period, he became a great leader in the Dwarfgate Wars.

    He then traveled far into the future where Raistlin had become a god and wiped every living thing from the face of Krynn. Upon seeing the grim future of Krynn, he traveled back to present day and confronted Raistlin. He showed Raist what the future would bring and that evil can not create, it can only destroy. Raistlin, who had ventured into the Abyss to face Takhisis, realized the futility of his plan and sacrificed his life to keep Takhisis from re-entering Krynn through "The Portal".

    Caramon's sons went on to become part of the next generation of heroes on Krynn.


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