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    The Wicked Fairy Godmother is a classic character from fairy tales. The character Maleficent is partly based on her.

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    Queen Talia is first introduced as a visiting monarch coming to visit Caumont where her friends Queen Rapunzel and King Persine rule. She is accompanied by her husband King Aurore and as they proceed through the city with a magnificent procession, it is suggested by the commoners that she was asleep for a hundred years and the King woke her up.

    She seems to recognize Rapa in the crowd and singles her out for capture for reasons unknown and later it is her who identifies the spy at the palace. For an unknown reasons, it is likely she has a personal vendetta against magical beings as she and Rapunzel use a spell that causes the citizens of Caumont to feel the need to destroy all magical creatures in the kingdom; and Rapa and 'The Little Mermaid' are supposed to be in hiding from her because her guards are after people "like them".

    It is later revealed that she switched places with the real Queen Talia, or Sleeping Beauty.


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