Captain Wonder

    Character » Captain Wonder appears in 26 issues.

    Captain Wonder is a hero of the Golden Age and part of the team of World War II superheroes known as The Twelve.

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    Captain Wonder, aka Jeff Jordan, was a college professor that invented a new miracle drug that bestowed "the strength of twelve men" to whoever ingested it. However, there was an accident in his lab which involved Jordan gaining the powers of flight and superhuman strength. He had a teenage sidekick named Tim. Jordan then made the decision to use his powers to fight crime and joined the US Army as Captain Wonder in order to fight against the Nazis and the Japanese. However, Jordan and the rest of his team mates were captured by the Nazis and placed into stasis only being revived 60 years into the future.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    The Twelve

    Jordan has found it difficult to adapt to this new age, mostly due to finding out his wife died of a heart attack twenty years previously, and both his sons were killed in the Vietnam conflict. Eventually becoming distant and frustrated, a envitable confrontation with team mate Dynamic Man has given him a new sense of purpose, once again fighting the forces of evil, if only to distract himself from the pain of losing his family.

    Despite originally stating that the drug gave the power of twelve men, recent hero activites has shown Captain Wonder to be able to fly and lift a space ship weight several hundred tons.

    Powers and Abilities

    Captain wonder possesses superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, senses, and flight.


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