Captain Victory

    Character » Captain Victory appears in 60 issues.

    Captain Victory was an intersellar lawman, military Hero, and commanding a team known as the Galactic Rangers. (It was suggested that Captain Victory was the son of Orion, of the New Gods, but never proven).

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    Pacific Comics


    Topps Comics

     Captain Victory - Topps
     Captain Victory - Topps
      Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers's next appearance is seen in a crossover event that connects all characters in the Kirbyverse in a mini-series called Victory. He arrives on Earth with his dreadnought tiger starcruiser, where encounters Silver Star, Captain Glory, Night Glider, Bombast and The Boojum. When he reaches the surfaces he declares the planet is now under his martial law where all forces submit to his command or the world is destroyed.  (The story is/was not finished)

    Marvel - Icon Comics

    After nearly ten years, Captain Victory and his Galactic Rangers made a guest appearance Jack Kirby's Galactic Bounty Hunters #3. It is revealed that he has on and off relationship with Skylla, a member of Squad 11 of the Galactic Bounty Hunters, despite their career differences. He was last seen in #6, where he saves Skylla and her team from a nuclear smart missile from Slugg.

    Dynamite Entertainment

     Captain Victory's next appearance will be in an upcoming story-arc from Dynamite Entertainment called KIRBY: GENESIS, where he and his team will encounter more later Jack Kirby characters from the 80's and 90's.

    Other Appearances

    Back in 2000, Jack Kirby's grandson, Jeremy, launched Jack Kirby Comics where he worked on a three-issue retelling Captain Victory. The issues were judged fairly inferior of the originals, despite interesting cover art. The last issue was published exclusively on the web.

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