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Bruce Barton is an actor who is the understudy for the lead role of Captain Valiant in the Broadway play "Comic Follies" in the Liberty Theater. Bruce accompanies the play's producer to the bank to withdraw money for the payroll for the cast and crew when suddenly they're robbed by three armed criminals. Bruce, still in his Captain Valiant costume, attempts to fight off the crooks but is eventually overwhelmed.

During the play where Bruce is filling in for Martin the lead actor who was drunk and could not perform, he recognizes one of the crooks sitting in the front row and suspects they're preparing for another heist. During the play's intermission, he finds the crooks robbing the producer of the box office earnings. He defeats the crooks, but the producer, not being told that Bruce was filling in for the drunken lead actor, believes it was Martin that foiled the robbery. Bruce's performance during the play causes it to be a huge success, and is taken to tour across the country.

Martin and Bruce agree to not reveal that Bruce was filling in for Martin and while Martin goes on tour with the show, Bruce decides to stay in the city to fight crime as Captain Valiant

Current Events

Bruce Barton (Captian Valiant) hasn't appeared since Croydon Publishing stopped producing comic books.

Powers & Abilities

Captain Valiant possesses no superhuman powers, but is in peak human shape, and is an experienced hand-to-hand combatant. He is also an adept detective/sleuth.


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