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    Captain Tootsie is a Golden Age superhero who appeared in advertisement comics for Tootsie Rolls and related products. Bears a striking similarity to Captain Marvel/Shazam. Recently, Captain Tootsie has resurfaced in Savage Dragon.

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    Captain Tootsie was originally created be a superhero mascot for Tootsie Roll candies by C.C. Beck, Peter Costanza and Bill Schreider. Captain Tootsie appeared in various comic book advertisements in 1943. In his earliest adventures in the Golden Age of Comics, Captain Tootsie had a sidekick named Rollo, and then four supporting characters named Fatso, Fisty, Maybelle, and Sweetie who together were called the Secret Legion.

    Captain Tootsie didn't have much of rogues gallery, but his enemies include Dr. Nartsy, Hans & Schmanz, Red the Terror, Monster Man, and aliens from Venus.

    Captain Tootsie also starred in a short lived two issue comic in 1950 with him as a space hero. Since then, the character has fallen into obscurity and public domain.

    Image Comics

    Savage Dragon

    Captain Tootsie Returns
    Captain Tootsie Returns

    Captain Tootsie resurfaced in the pages of Savage Dragon at Image Comics where he got new lease on life. It was revealed that Captain Tootsie was one of the many Golden Age superheroes who held captivity in a dimension by Solar Man until they were freed by the Dragon in the 21st century. He becomes a member of the Special Operations Strikeforce.

    Captain Tootsie journeys to Toronto, Canada to meet an old acquaintance named Buddy Costanza (Rollo's younger brother, who is old man) where they broke into Genetech Laboratories, a research lab, to send a homing beacon in space and run into Malcolm Dragon. During their brawl, the Rocketeer lands by where it was revealed that Captain Tootsie was secretly trying to help the Secret Legion back to Earth. The members of the Legion didn't age due to them traveling at the speed of light. Having disobeyed orders by the U.S. government to apprehend Malcolm in favor of reuniting his young friends, Captain Tootsie and the Secret Legion were granted asylum by the Canadian government. As a kind gesture, Captain Tootsie reprograms a Perfect Woman Sexdoll named Amber and renames her Greta Gearbox to be Malcolm and Maxine's maid to help them and their kids at home.

    Captain Tootsie later became employed by Genetech Laboratories and is now the parental figure to all the members of the Secret Legion. He and Malcolm fought against Scourge. Captain Tootsie is offered membership to join North Force after Malcolm declined.

    Powers & Abilities

    Based on Captain Tootsie's comic book advertisements from 1943 to 1950, he would always need to consume a Tootsie Roll fora sudden boost of energy in whatever task he needed to perform.


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