Captain Swing

    Character » Captain Swing appears in 4 issues.

    Captain Swing is a sky pirate whom has mastered the technique of generating electricity from air. He dislikes the idea of power being held by the minority and so will do anything he can to undermine their plans.

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    Captain Swing is a well known criminal in London during the 1800s. He is chased by a police officer (Charlie Gravel) being accussed of killing another officer.

    Using his gadgets (pistons constructed around his boots) and his light bulb gun, he is able to get away from the officer.

    To get away he starts to fly into the air with an electric powered boat. Just before he gets away, the "bobby" that was after him latches onto his boat. Captain Swing decides to knock him out, but keep him on board.

    Captain Swing has a crew of pirates onboard his ship and they don't like the officer that he decided to keep as a passenger.

    Talking to the Charlie he explains how he doesn't like the idea of power over England being held by a select few. That he wishes to diturb their plans.


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