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Horatio Strong is naturally stronger than most men, but discovered a strange sea weed called "sauncha ". This gave him even more superhuman strength. He decided to use his powers for good. The sea weed (actually has extraterrestrial origin) had a drug-like effect on him: it gave him "severe withdrawal pains " and made him irrational (to a dangerous level). He went on rampage, but was stopped by Superman. After being in a hospital, he swore to never use the sauncha again and use normal vegetables to keep strong. He became a friend of Clark Kent and Superman (not realizing the duo were the same person).

Major Story Arcs

Gang of Harleys

For more information see: Harley Quinn And Her Gang of Harleys

The Gang of Harleys use Captain Strong to take them to Harley Sinn's Island of Horriable Death to save Harley Quinn. While the gang is on the shore line, Captain Strong uses his sniper rifle and, with the help of Goat Boy, is able to pick off murderous members of the Sinn-dicate before they can hurt the girls. When the girls successfully save Harley Quinn, Captain takes them home.

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