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    He was a P.T. Boat skipper during World War Two. He lost his ship and crew during the war and also one of his legs. Eventually, he was able to be recommissioned and joined the band of fellow military misfits known as The Losers.

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    A United States Navy Lieutenant in his first command, William Storm and his vessel, PT-47, were ambushed by a bloodred Japanese submarine. Wounded early in the assault, Storm was thrown into the water and watched helplessley as his ship was sunk and his crew slaughtered to the last man.

    Though he had lost his left leg at the knee as a result of his wounds, Storm was determined to stay in the Navy. Outfitted with a wooden leg and training with the help of a nurse who was also his commander's daughter, Storm finally demonstrated he had what it took to be recommissioned.

    Despite numerous victories, his reputation as a skipper who had lost his ship and crew followed him everywhere and cast a shadow over his career. Returning from a long furlough, Storm found himself with no new assignment waiting. While stranded thus, Storm made the acquaintance of Johnny Cloud and two Marines nicknamed Gunner and Sarge. At the suggestion of MIlitary High Command, these four joined forces to become a detached service task force code named the Losers.

    During one mission, Storm attempted to save a church full of innocent people and was caught in the resulting explosion. When the other Losers could not find his body, Storm was presumed dead for several months, until he surfaced once more in the guise of a modern day pirate who had been attacking Axis shipping. Storm had lost only his right eye and his memory in the explosion, not his life. With the help of the other Losers, Storm regained his memory and returned to active duty.

    Captain Storm was alive to celebrate America's bicentennial. He went to a reunion where Gravedigger, The Losers, Jeb Stuart and Mademoiselle Marie attended.


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