Captain Stingaree

    Character » Captain Stingaree appears in 43 issues.

    He is obsessed with pirates and his pirate themed crimes often brought him into confrontation with Batman.

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    Captain Stingaree is a themed criminal obsessed with pirates. He is primarily active in Gotham City, where he runs afoul of Batman. Born into a set of quadruplets, Karl Courtney grew envious of his three brothers. He adopted the identity of Captain Stingaree and became convinced his brothers were collectively impersonating Batman. The Dark Knight enlisted the three Courtney siblings to bring down Captain Stingaree. He escaped and joined the Secret Society of Super villains alongside Captain Cold and Captain Boomerang, but was unable to shake off his reputation as a third stringer. More recently, Captain Stingaree has started a romance with fellow gay villain the Cavalier. Black Lightning used this as leverage against the Cavalier.

    Captain Stingaree died while battling the Secret Six with the Cavalier and other supervillains. The Cavalier's back was broken, so he may have survived.

    Batman: Rebirth

    Captain Stingaree is a member of Batman's version of The Suicide Squad.


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