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    Born with a congenital bone defect, Hank Heywood Jr. was injected with a metal like substance by his father, which fused with his skeleton and organs, making him more than human. Gifted with powers he now fights under the World Army as Captain Steel.

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    This page is for the or the New 52 Earth-2 Steel, Hank Heywood Jr.


    Heywood Jr. undergoes surgery
    Heywood Jr. undergoes surgery

    Hank Heywood Jr. is a native of the Philippines, born with a congenital defect that would have made his bones crumble by his 18th birthday. His scientist father created a metal substance that he bonded to his son's DNA, taking over his body by replacing his skeleton with steel along with his limbs and vital organs.The procedure gave Hank super-strength, elasticity in his limbs and the ability to control anything metal with his mind.

    Heywood Sr. planned to sell this formula to the World Army when Apokolips armies attacked his facility. Jr. managed to fend of the Parademon assault, but unfortunately his father had killed himself and destroyed his work in an attempt to prevent Steppenwolf obtaining it.

    With nowhere else to turn, Hank joined the World Army as it's first new Wonder.


    Captain Steel was created by James Robinson for his series, Earth 2. He first appeared in the Earth 2 Annual #1, and was illustrated by Julius Gopez.

    Major Story Arcs

    Whist on the Sentinel, Commander Khan asks Hank what he knows about the Fire Pits that were created accidentally by Terry Sloan. Hank responds, asking him if he will be investigating the Fire Pits, however to his surprise Commander Khan informs Hank that he will not just be investigating, he will be entering one.

    Captain Steel makes his way to Brazil, just outside the Fire Pit of Rio de Janeiro. Hank is quickly introduced to Jim Lockhart and his invention, the Red Torpedo which will take him to the centre of the Fire Pit. Steel enters the Torpedo alone, and flies it directly into the pit, disappearing from sight.

    35 Hours later, the World Army detects something emerging from the pit and realizes it to be Captain Steel, who is badly injured and yelling for them to seal off the pit. He then proclaims that within the pit lies The Red Lantern, and if she gets out the world will be destroyed.


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