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The storyteller and Father. 
The storyteller and Father. 

Captain Spaulding is the ''father''  and head of the notorious and sadistic Firefly Family, First starting his killing spree under the name of  Mr Ding Dong, he later renamed himself as Captain Spaulding his real name is Cutter. Cutter met mother Firefly in 1947 who had two children Tiny and Rufus, Cutter and Mother would have Vera later known as Baby. Otis was adopted by the family in 1965 and fought with Spaulding for control of the family loosing. Otis would nickname the family the Fireflys. Later Spaulding would change the aliases to match with the familys new Marx Brothers fascination. Cutter ran an illegal moonshine business which would fund his roadside museum and restaraunt, Captain Spauldings roadside Musem of Monsters and Mayhem.  The museum was set up to attract local teenagers and other victims.


Spaulding and the family would grow to become one of the most vicous and violent 'familys in the area and a murder spree in 1971 began to expose them to the police. Dr Satan was also part of their culture with ritual murders and sacrifices occuring to appease the figure.

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