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    The Captain America of the Revolutionary War. An ancestor of Captain America of World War II.

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    Creation and Development

    The Captain America of the Revolutionary War was created by Jack Kirby, alongside various other concepts for Captain America, as a pin-up featured in Captain America's Bicentennial Battles. Unlike they other characters and concepts Kirby brought to the table in those pin-ups, he took the concept of the Captain America of the Revolutionary War forward in his run on Captain America, introducing him as an ancestor of the Captain America of World War II.

    Decades later, Roger Stern was responsible for filling the majority of the character's history in in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty. However, it wasn't until the X-Men miniseries Hellfire Club that it was explicitly confirmed that the character was actually referred to as "Captain America".

    Origin and History

    An American colonist in 1776, Stephen Rogers resented the arrogant and oppressive ways of certain British nobles and officers. When word broke out that Congress had issued a Declaration of Independence, Rogers rallied the local tavern in celebration of their chance to fight for new-found freedom from the British.

    Closing his blacksmith shop, Rogers quickly joined the Continental Army and eventually rose to the rank of captain.

    In 1781, when it was discovered that someone was passing information of the Colonial troop movements to the British, General Wallace assigned Captain Rogers to infiltrate British loyalist William Taurey's stronghold to locate the traitor. During a masked party, Taurey decided to mock the Colonialists by having his nephew wear a costume designed from the Colonial flag, calling him "Captain Yankee Doodle."

    Discovering that his longtime friend James Green was the one passing information to the British, Rogers subdued Taurey's nephew, disguised himself using Taurey's costume and attacked the group to keep their information from the British army.

    Attempting to capture Taurey himself, Rogers was captured by British guards instead. Taurey decided to stage a duel rather than hang Rogers, giving Rogers and unloaded gun, but Rogers fought back with his fists and held his own against his captors until Colonial troops led by Major Ulysses Bloodstone came to his rescue; Taurey accidentally killed himself during the struggle.

    Taurey had created the "Yankee Doodle" costume to ridicule American independence, but Rogers instead used it for inspiration, eventually becoming "Captain America."

    Powers and Abilities

    Stephen Rogers was an excellent blacksmith, marksman, horseman and unarmed combatant, and he was proficient using his steel shield.

    Physical Attributes

    Height: 6'2''

    Weight: 220 lbs.

    Eyes: Blue

    Hair: Blond (white wig)


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