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Captain Red was a pirate Captain in 1752 and was burring some treasure when he was was transported to the land of the lost. It was here that he met Mothergod who had him subjected to many medical procedures that replaced his body parts with cybernetic implants. The surgical procedures were painful and done without anesthetic.

It was during his captivity that Mothergod was over thrown and he made his escape finding two dinosaur cyborgs named Proto and Misfire were were subjected to the same kind of procedures and a robot named OU82. All of them swore the allegiance to Captain Red and in a way became his new crew.

On their way out of Mothergod's den they were once again transported this time to the "modern era" where they stayed underground trying to learn about the new world until they decide to find Captain Red's old treasure.


Captain Red was created by Timothy Truman and their first appearance was in Turok Dinosaur Hunter. at the end on the story on the bottom of the last page however it says that the idea came from the penciler of the issue Rags Morales.


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