Captain Rectitude

    Character » Captain Rectitude appears in 21 issues.

    Captain Rectitude was given his powers to serve as a superpowered bodyguard. Rectitude has worked for the American Purity Foundation and its campaign against pornography.

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    Bob Jones was taken by the American Purity Foundation and turned into the Captain Rectitude. After they had changed him it gave him super powers but he started to talk and act weird. When the Foundation was holding a convention in Vegas, She-Hulk interupted it when she and Abominatrix came through the roof in a fight to save a girls life. Captain Rectitude wanted to join the fight, but they told him to wait to see who would win. When She-Hulk won, Jasper Keaton said that he worked for him. When she asked for where a girl named Louise was held he didn't give an answer. So she left him alone.
    Once again Captain Rectitude met She-Hulk. She had the Blonde Phantom with her now and saw Captain Rectitude tying up some guys. But, then Blonde Phantom told the Captain Rectitude where a bomb was. While She-Hulk was fighting Captain Rectitude she started to win. But Abominatrix came in and knocked her out. Captain Rectitude then went to activate the bomb. Thats when She-Hulk showed up again and beat them. She managed to hurl the bomb away to explode. They are now in the Negative Zone prison. 
    Captain Rectitude was very strong and powerful. He could shoot heart shaped beams from the heart on his chest.


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