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    Character » Captain Planet appears in 16 issues.

    Captain Planet is summoned by the energy combined from rings of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Heart, each held by the Planeteers.

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    Captain Planet was summoned to earth once again when Gaia (mother earth) awoke from a hundred year nap to discover that the earth is peril thanks to the pollution of man. She summons five rings to give to five special teens from five continents. (Australia and Antarctica Were left out.) These Five teens are Kwame from Africa with the power of earth, Wheeler from America with the power of fire, Linka from Russia with the power of wind, Gi from Asia with the power of water and Ma-Ti form South America with the power of heart.

    Character Evaluation

    Captain Planet is summoned by the rings of Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, and Heart; each held by the Planeteers.

    Captain Planet's whole existence is dedicated to preserving the planet's natural resources and protecting the planet from large scale and intentional pollution caused by big corporation owners.

    Two known enemies are Dr. Five Eye and Captain Pollution (the complete opposite of Captain Planet). His most popular villain remains the magnificently snarky Dr. Blight and her equally snarky computer life partner M.A.L., particularly as voiced in the animated series by Meg Ryan then Mary Kay Bergman and by David Rappaport then Tim Curry, respectively: this villain duo was so popular that many viewers rooted for them instead of Captain Planet during their appearances.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Planeteers

    The five ring bearing teens fight as a group using their individual powers to fight pollution. When the job becomes too difficult, they summon Captain Planet by combining to power of all five rings. The villains in the comic book and Saturday morning cartoon are called “eco-terrorists” who often find ways of harming the environment such as drilling in protected animal refuges and pouring toxic waste into the sea. Captain Planet’s only weakness is pollution. If he is covered in grime he loses his power and can eventually die in much the same way as the Superman/ Kryptonite relationship.


    Captain Planet has shown to have a variety of powers. He has been shown to turn himself into lightning, and the other elements. He also has superior elements control, he has been shown to put out a volcano by taking water from the ocean, putting it out easily. He also has super strength and super speed. He has been shown to fly around the world at records speed, flying from Europe to Africa in a mere few seconds. He has been shown to stop a asteroid from hitting the U.S., it was about the size of the state of Kansas. He has also lifted a Chemical Plant and threw it in the earth, showing he is able to go into space and live.

    Theme Song Lyrics

    His theme song goes as follows "EARTH!"







    With your powers combined I am Captain Planet!

    Captain Planet, he's our hero,

    Gonna take pollution down to zero,

    He's our powers magnified,

    And he's fighting on the planet side

    Captain Planet, he's our hero,

    Gonna take pollution down to zero,

    Gonna help him put us under,

    Bad guys who like to loot and plunder

    "You'll pay for this Captain Planet!"


    We're the planeteers,

    You can be one too!

    'Cause saving our planet is the thing to do,

    Looting and polluting is not the way,

    Hear what Captain Planet has to say:



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